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Have some fun with our new ranges of soft toys

Custom made clothing with your choice of embroidered design on teddies


Mix and match facial features and accessories to build your own expressive monster.

All these creations were made using machine embroidery from our new

 Monster Factory collection

Featuring a whole host of mouths, eyes, and accessories you can use to create, well, anything!

Combine your favorites, turn smiles upside down, get extra wacky in your embroidery.

 I decided I just had to use that moustache design, and with the addition of the glasses, one thing let to another and he kinda became my little hipster monster. I’m sure he listens to all kinds of great music. You know, if he has ears.



This kind of furry monster is great company for young and old

All custom made monsters are super huggable and soft and my very own monster now sits on my desk and keeps my giving bunny

If you were looking for some monster clothing we can make those too, we dont just stop at buddies!

Hoods are a great place to add some monster eyes and features 

We can add some cute horns to make a terribly adorable monster , and some crazy eyes to make a zombie hoodie!
Please contact us for details and inspiration for clothing
Just be careful, once the kids figure out they can create their own monsters, you might have a whole army of monsters on your hands.
Capitalize on you spooky side and make an absolutely creepy  Kitty.
 Spooky eyes can make a scarier effect.
It just goes to show you that designs can look totally different depending on how they’re used!
 I love long arms and the fluffy fabric. These guys are totally huggable and soft!
The Monster Factory collection is great for folks of all ages, because you can really break out and have fun.
 Let your monsters live large!
But see what else I can make you below

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