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I don't know about you, but over lockdown I managed to find the most amazing  products.

Cleaning products



Vegan goodies

Some were recommendations, other were things I stumbled across 

So lot's of you have messaged me about my social media posts, so I thought I would add a page here where I can share all these goodies with you


I can't believe I am actually talking about cleaning products with you, but there were times over the last 18 months that I was VERY easily pleased lol!

Toilet Pumice

Now... I'm not going to lie,  I think this one is my favourite.

With 3 boys, my toilet at times was somewhat, disgusting, and no amount of bleach seemed to make a difference.

Then someone told me about the "Toilet Pumice"

OH MY GOD, it's a miracle I tell you.

Click on the toilet above to see my before/after  video

Get your rubber gloves on and scrub that limescale away.

It chips off the limescale and doesn't even scratch the bowl which I thought it would, it's magical I tell you, MAGICAL!

Click to the right to find the product :)


Karcher Window Vac

Another shamazing product I found during lockdown was this Karcher window vac.

A mummy group i'm in on FB recomended this to me and I HATE cleaning windows, and we have a lot!  But they assured me it was totes easy

I squealed with delight at just HOW easy it was, you lather up, then vacuum it off it is THAT easy, I even went down the garden and did Mum's nanny annexe too I was that impressed.

No streaks or anything. But, if you do like to do a final wipeover, there is a Minky glass cloth you can buy that I also invested in just for any drips.

I'll add a link for that below too